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Theo Digs Daft Punk

We’ve long known that he’s crazy for Prince – but we didn’t realize he’d go nuts for anyone else! Check out the video of him below fruggin’ away to Daft Punk. I’m not sure what is better – his dancing … Continue reading

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No More Baby Baths

We haven’t been able to keep Theo in his baby tub for a month or so now, he just wants to climb out and explore the whole tub. Grandma and Grandpa said they tried using the whole tub and Theo … Continue reading

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Theo and Walter Having a Great Time

Theo and Walter have been nanny-mates for about six months now, and have been aware of each other, but now they’re best buddies. When they get together, they just laugh and laugh and laugh… here they are a few days … Continue reading

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Theo discovers grass, decides it’s good.

Seeing as how it’s still absolutely miserable here in Seattle, we haven’t really had much opportunity to take advantage of our backyard. However, when we were in Hawaii, Theo had a chance to sit outside in the grass for the … Continue reading

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Swim Boy Swims For Real!

Wanna see what fun looks like? Of course you do. It looks like this: [display_podcast] We had a fantastic time on our Kauai vacation, as you can see. There are plenty more photos an videos to post, but these were … Continue reading

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Go Swim Boy, Go!

Okay, he’s actually pretty much Crawl Boy now, but this video footage was just too good to not post. Hopefully more fun video footage and pictures coming soon. [display_podcast]

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Theo’s BFF

Halloween! That means trick-or-treating, of course, no matter if you’re not even old enough to walk. Or eat solid food, for that matter. Who cares! You can still dress up like, say, Godzilla or Thelonious Monkey. Which is exactly what … Continue reading

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The Best Milestone Ever

Saturday morning, 5:30 AM. I hear Theo doing his “I’m up and hungry” cough, so do the flip and roll out of bed, grab the bathrobe, in to un-swaddle him and then bring him back in to his mamma. This … Continue reading

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Theo Meets Uncle Stan and Aunt Margo

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with Uncle Stan and Aunt Margo. They’d driven over from Spokane to see the Picasso exhibit this weekend, so we got the chance to have brunch on Saturday. Theo was a … Continue reading

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Chatting with Theo, Pt. 1 of Many

Okay, so a few weeks ago Theo started smiling, which was just about the best thing in the world. In fact, we’ve got a bunch of pictures that we should probably post – he’s pretty dang cute when he smiles. … Continue reading

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