This site is all about Thelonious James Mack, born July 24th, 2010.

It’s as much for us, his parents, as it is for his relatives and his many, many aunts and uncles.

It has only been two weeks, and it already feels like time is whizzing by. Then again, at 4 AM it feels like it’s dragging on interminably. Regardless of what time it is, there are so many thoughts and emotions flying around inside our heads, we thought it might be good to have a place where we can jot them down, to have a living, breathing record of our life with Theo.

That’s the idea, anyway. Let us know what you think.

Steve & Erin (& Theo!)

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  1. Maddimay says:

    I am one of those aunts. I love you guys so much I am so glad you guys r so happy ! I miss u guys and love you guys !!!!!!!!

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