The Best Milestone Ever

Saturday morning, 5:30 AM.

I hear Theo doing his “I’m up and hungry” cough, so do the flip and roll out of bed, grab the bathrobe, in to un-swaddle him and then bring him back in to his mamma. This is all on auto-pilot, of course. Muscle memory can get you through a lot of middle of the night feedings.

But then it hits me – as I’m walking out of Theo’s room and back into ours, I notice it’s 5:30 – and I can’t remember the feeding before this one. The one in the middle of the night. I ask Erin if she let me sleep through a feeding, and there’s a beat before we both realize – he’s slept through the night. He went to bed at about 9PM, and slept all the way through to 5:30 AM.

Woo hoo! The bar has officially been raised. We know he might not do it all the time, but it sure felt good and it will be so much better for all parties involved if we can all get a little more sleep.

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