Too Old! Too Old!

Apologies for the delays in writing about the tiny terror! It’s been a really busy month+ in the Mackible household. A lot of that is due to his little highness, Theo. Who, on January 24, turned SIX months old! Where has the time gone?
Some major improvements to the little guy. So many it’s tough to recall them all, but I will list a couple:
– Theo is sitting on his own! He sits for as long as he wants before lunging forward onto some unsuspecting toy or pet.
– Theo has a very hard head. He has taken a couple tumbles and seems to have recovered. At times it seems as though he purposefully throws himself on his noggen in preps for his future career as a linebacker (not!).
– While he is almost crawling, he is definitely swimming. His stroke is definitely the frog stroke. Theo also loves to get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth before flopping forward and repeating. Sort of an inchworm locomotion. Steve will be uploading some video footage for your amusement.
– He says “ma ma ma ma ma” continuously but we are not convinced he knows what he is saying. Although he does know his own name and is approaching the self awareness of a cat, he still has a long way to go before he overtakes Shilo.
– Oh – he eats! Anything and everything! Mushed and mixed with rice cereal. He loves his pears and butternut squash. I’m still not convinced he likes bananas (maybe I am trying to sway his opinion against my least favorite fruit). And he’s not a huge pea fan (quel disappointment). Theo sits in his little high chair and opens up wide before making a frantic grab at the spoon.
– A new nickname is Bam Bam since he loves beating toys on anything hard and noisy.
– His old nickname, The Professor, is still appropriate since he is so serious and thoughful. Not quick to smile, but quite the charmer when he does.
– And his singing may not approach his daddy’s, but he gets an A for effort. Every night I hear his shrill wails and shrieks providing a jarring background to Steve’s Elton John classics.
The reality is that the poor little guy has been sick for over two weeks, following at the tail of another sickness, which followed the flu. It’s been pretty sad watching the little guy struggle with a respiratory virus and full-body rash. I guess babies are just sick for the first year. This is not something I had prepared for.
Some exciting news is that the family will be making a trek to Kauai for a 10-day vacation in 17 days. Steve is counting it down. Theo loves his baths, does not mind water splashed on his face, so we are expecting him to become a Jacques Cousteau. Or maybe a scientist. Or a world traveller. A teacher. Whatever he does, we wish for him what everyone wishes. To be happy.
P.S. Twinkle Twinkle is still his nightcap.

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