Theo’s First Everything!

Times are a changin’ and Theo is growing like a weed. It will be his first Thanksgiving in a week and, although he may forego the pureed turkey, he will enjoy being in Portland. That is if we are able to escape his first snow and make it down there.

Theo grew his first tooth! Little tiny white sharp shark bottom tooth. He loves chewing on people. He’s started intentionally reaching and grabbing with his hands and, for the first time, grabbed mama’s mouth and then proceeded to pull himself to eat mama’s nose. I’m sure he just meant to chew it but that was not a favorite first.

Theo petted Shilo and Maggie for the first time last week. Shilo was tolerant but Maggie was downright thrilled. She’s not picky at all about her attention givers. Even though Shilo acts ambivalent, we hear her sneaking into his room every single night to check on her little brother. She also gives him secret kisses when we pretend to look away.

Did we mention that Theo slept through the night? Well, that’s a little generous but he is sleeping in 8-hour stretches. If only we could stretch it to 11 he would be perfect. This milestone restored our sanity and gave mama her evenings back. 8PM bedtimes are no longer a requirement for survival.

We watched Sesame Street for the first time this morning. Just a little bit but Theo is well on his way to be a huge muppet fan just like his parents. It’s true that TV has magical powers on the most innocent of human beings.

His first favorite song is still his favorite, but we can add all sorts of genres to his repertoire. The Beach Boys are near the top of his pops with Barbara Ann leaping up the charts with his first listening.

More Holiday Firsts to follow.

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