Theo at 11.75 months

Theo turns ONE this Sunday and it’s just amazing what has happened over the last year. From a littleworm to a little boy. Yesterday evening he was pretending to be Shilo, scurrying around under the dining table panting with a scrunched up little face (he doesn’t quite understand why he should stick his tongue out). One year ago today I was being walked by my sister through the streets of Seattle trying to get him out of me! In a few weeks I will likely be returning the favor for Carlin and her two babies.

The first three-four months whirled by and I have hardly a memory from them. Hungry baby. Crying baby. Sleeping baby. Repeat. At four months he began to smile consistently and everything changed. And when I say everything changed, I mean on a daily basis.

It has been a fantastic year seeing the world through his newly opened eyes. Remembering when a light switch was the coolest thing ever. And a ceiling fan is a mind altering experience. Dirt is remarkable and rocks are still delicious. Clothing is frustrating and diaper changes are h*ll on earth. The vacuum cleaner is seriously the ultimate toy and distraction to Theo.

Yesterday, Steve was holding Theo while I had Shilo perform her tricks. When she spun around his mouth opened and he looked flabbergasted. At that moment he had never seen anything more impressive or delightful. When he becomes a sullen teen I will try to remember that glee. When I’m not busy grounding him, no doubt. 🙂

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