Here for Seconds

Dance Baby Dance!

Thanksgiving was a blast thanks to auntie Carlin and funcle Rob. Mazzy was an accommodating cousin too. Theo got to hang with his gramps and grans, Ron and Ginger, go shopping for new duds, sleep while the gr’ups devoured a splendid feast, and take part in his first official photo shoot (more to come from that). Overall, even though he had a tooth bustin’ to come out, he was a happy little buddy.

Now it’s already December and he’s getting ready for Christmas with his grandma Cheri, amigo Neil, grandma Margaret, and greats Harry and Ruby. Oh and his auntie and funcle will be in town. He’s already after seconds with a second tooth peeking out, a second cold (oh the first virus was not pleasant, poor little tyke), and a second major holiday season.

Here’s a photo of the little guy dancing with his robot Bob while Daddy shows him some funky moves. We can already tell that Theo is going to love the dance parties!

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  1. Anette says:

    You’ll see, there’s millions of fantastic moments coming up, you’ll laugh your ass off or just stand stunning being completely amazed by his fascination and view on things.
    I never was the hardcore-Mommy type, means I never felt I am only a complete woman when having a child but I tell you since I had my baby (who now is a real big girl [well, she thinks that] of 3) I cannot imagine how I could have really deeply loved, laughed and enjoyed things before her.
    It’s great, that you write kinda diary about him, cos you won’t believe how fast you forget things as every day so much happens, surely to you Theo is like Lilly to me – a blast of daily sensations, at times you can’t look and listen fast enough to realize the things they learn and comprehend and notice and comment with that fantastic unpolluted and 100,000% authentic child-view…
    Oh man, I wish you so much joy and most of all – healthiness.
    By then,

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