Three Months and Counting

We all made it to his official three-month birthday! Now we can stop counting in weeks. This seems like a big milestone and we’re all happy and relatively healthy. Steve and Erin aren’t *that* bad of parents. Job #1, keeping child alive, has been a success.

Theo, nekkid.

The birthday boy in his birthday suit.

Theo had a busy busy birthday weekend. He met his aunt Margo and uncle Stan on Saturday at his grandma’s, played in his Rainforest Jumparoo for the first time (oh the pure joy!), watched dad give the kitty cat a bath (eyeballs a’buggin), blew through a record number of onesies (:p), and caught his first cold. Fortunately, the mama seems to have been hit hardest of the family with this bug. ha.

So much to talk about. Theo started sharing his nanny Marisol with little Walter last week and was a jealous guy for a day or two. He looooves his baths now and splashes like a champ. The tiny little starving monster is back and hungrier than ever. His sister Shilo has started liking (read: licking) him and the bond is forming. He takes after his dad and really doesn’t shut up once he gets started babbling. But he takes after his mama and hates taking naps – can’t miss out on any fun!

A week ago, Theo got to go out to dinner at an all-ages pub with his buddy Devon. It felt so civilized for all. Big news is he has a brand-new friend in London – Santino Shea was born on the 23rd. Big Congrats to Mark and Marcela! Theo and Santino will soon be gallavanting around the world like their parents. It’s very exciting to have arranged international pals! Well, exciting for the parents.

Steve will be uploading some new photos and videos soon. We will try to post updates more regularly. For the record, Twinkle Twinkle is still his favorite song.

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