Theo at FOUR

Yippee – we made it past the one-month mark and we still have a living breathing infant! Theo does not appear to have colic – praise the powers that be. Plus he’s well ahead of the mark in his ability to flip from his tummy to back within about 30 seconds of tummytime. Guess that’s a big deal. It likely would have been bigger had we reported this a couple weeks ago when it started. All those pushups in his mother’s tummy built strong biceps.

Now the search for a (gasp) nanny begins in earnest. We’re both back working and need someone to hold the baby on a more regular basis. Shilo tries to cuddle him but needs opposable thumbs to pick him up.

Thanks to Vince and Sara for the new photos of the wee one. We hope you enjoy!

We’ve got new grandparents visiting this weekend, great grandparents in a couple weeks, and another grandma after that. Everyone wants a piece of the TheoMonkey. I don’t blame them – he is quite tasty.

Oops – and noisy. Back to it!

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